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Porsche Driver's Selection

Porsche Driver's Selection

A carefully selected range of lifestyle merchandise


Porsche's Selection lifestyle products cannot be driven - but they most certainly will move you. Sportswear of specialty shop quality. World-class eyewear. Superb Swiss chronography. Sporting goods engineered in the uniquely Porsche manner. Commemorative models and artwork paying homage to Porsche's victories and legacies. Selection is our way of celebrating authenticity, functionality and classicism. In other words, our way of celebrating all that makes a Porsche… a Porsche.

Precisely as the word suggests: a carefully selected range, in this case Porsche's own range of lifestyle items, historical commemorations, and fashion accessories. Selection includes masterful showpieces of our high technology, such as watches, tennis racquets, and bikes. It encompasses sportive fashions and luggage that tastefully reveal your enthusiasm for excellence. Plus commemorative models and artwork paying homage to racing victories and historic designs, past and present. Selection is our way of celerating authenticity, functionality, and classicism.

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View the Porsche Design Driver Selection Catalog.

If desired, we will gladly send you the new Summer Edition of Driver's Selection Magazine. Please call us at the number above.